Mobile Meals

Since the beginning, Mission Moms and our growing team of volunteers, children, neighboring businesses, and local officials have partnered with Denton County school districts to provide meals and groceries during school breaks such as Spring Break, extended weekends, and the holidays. These meals are intended for families who qualify for the state’s free or reduced meal program and live in district-identified low-wealth communities. Volunteers prep each meal/bag, pray over them, and deliver them to the school counselors. Families would then pick them up in-person.

It was a plan that worked for many years — until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. Suddenly, schools were being forced to shut down. Restaurants were closed or limited in what they could do, and grocery store shelves were thinning out by the day. Every-one felt they had to team up to do something different for the families who depended on these meals.

That’s when the idea for a true, boots-on-the-streets Mobile Meals was born. Rather than drop meals off at the schools, Mission Moms coordinated with the school districts, who generously step up with us to go door-to-door to deliver meals. In the summer of 2020, we served families for 25 straight weeks, dividing up and literally walking down every street and to every door to meet families in their communities. Mobile Meals proved that when we surround ourselves with people who make us better, we are always better together.

  • Over 8,200 bags of groceries were assembled and prayed over
  • Food was delivered directly to more than 35,000 of our own low-wealth, vulnerable neighbors
  • Dozens of school district and community volunteers served each week
  • Marty B’s restaurant was responsible for over 1,500 warm meals
  • Circle R Ranch and Landscape Systems Garden Center of Keller provided weekly home-cooked meals for over 2,500 children

To date, Mission Moms continues to receive help and food donations from churches, local government friends, Double Oak Town Hall, neighbors, school districts, and local restaurants. The new-look Mobile Meals will continue on for as long as we need it to, and our goal remains steadfast — teach the Servant’s Heart.

We are beyond blessed by the unwavering support and donations — but we just need more. We hope to motivate new groups, churches, school groups, school teams, and businesses to join the charge.

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