Blessings of the Backpacks & Back to School

Blessings of the Backpacks & Back to School

In 2012, Mission Moms passionately kick-started its Blessings of the Backpacks and Back to School mission to ensure every child attending the schools we serve had a new backpack for the start of every school year. We started that year by donating 20-25 back-packs, and the mission has since grown to include 650 backpacks in 2019 and roughly 2,000 in 2020. The most recent school year looked very different and opened our eyes to how we need to continue this program moving forward, which is meeting people where they are at in the now 12 underserved trailer park communities we serve. We must go to the people! Granted, we will continue to supplement what the school districts are already doing, but feet on the street are how we see this mission progressing.

The bottom line is that children should look forward to starting each school year with new backpacks, lunch boxes, and class supplies. They shouldn’t be bullied, ridiculed, or made to feel different.

Sadly, many kids have backpacks that are torn, tattered, and barely serve their purpose each school day. Some kids don’t have backpacks at all. Imagine being a child and having to carry around all of your school belongings to each class. We wouldn’t allow our own children to go without. Every child should be treated the same way.

Mission Moms works hard every year to provide these critical supplies to selected children so that they feel precious, normal, and above all — loved. And like all of our missions, it’s an opportunity to teach our own children to give other kids a little extra kindness. In fact, many of the children who serve with us save their own money to help purchase a backpack for a friend in need.

Our backpack mission includes:

  • A donated backpack for every student
  • A handmade craft (typically across) placed over the backpack
  • Additional school supplies, as needed
  • A team of volunteers who pray over each item
  • Continuing to partner with school counselors and social services to reach additional families in need

There is nothing quite like seeing the massive smile on a child’s face as they eagerly pour out onto the streets of their neighborhood and pick out their own backpack. If you haven’t experienced it, we invite you to join us.

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