Holiday Blessings

Out of all of our missions, Holiday Blessings is perhaps the one that has changed the most. In our first go-round in 2011, we had roughly 60 frozen turkeys with all the fixings, and we dropped them off at the schools to be doled out amongst families in need. The initiative was spurred on by a handful of moms who were committed to getting as many people as possible in the community to sponsor at least one family for the entire holiday season. It worked, and we managed to feed a lot of hungry mouths — but there was so much more that needed to be done to make a bigger impact.

That Christmas, we kick-started a toy drive where, again, we worked with the school districts to provide kids with some extra love and cheer. The problem with that, though, was that these children didn’t need a skateboard, a football, or even a Nerf gun. In fact, one cute-as-a-button 8-year-old boy at EP Rayzor took his new skateboard back to the school counselor and asked if it could be regifted to another child in need. This was happening all over town, and the overwhelming feedback was that what they really wanted was food. These were families who relied on the consistent meals that were provided when school was in session. So while the toy drive was a thoughtful mission, it wasn’t serving its purpose. From that moment on, Mission Moms, in partnership with the school districts and so many volunteers and neighboring businesses, decided to nix the toy drive and stick with what we do best — food.

Today, our Thanksgiving and Christmas efforts feed thousands of deserving families across Denton County. In fact, we anticipate serving 5,000 families with delicious and hearty meals this season alone. And like so many of our other missions, this will be a boots-on-the-streets effort where we take the meals to these communities. Our partners include but are not limited to:

  • Local businesses providing bags, specific items, and donated food
  • Communities in Schools of North Texas
  • Denton and Lewisville ISDs
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of selfless volunteer families and children

While Mission Moms listens to every family’s needs, we target families who are identified through the free or reduced meals program at the schools. Numbers have been clearly formulated and are heart-wrenching to see just how many families could benefit from a little extra help. We will not overlook these families, so we need your consideration!

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